About Santa Cruz Solutions

We are a web design and web development company located in Santa Cruz, Ca. Santa Cruz Solutions focuses on creating and marketing web based solutions that will help your company run more efficiently, reach out to more customers and make more money.

Our team of internet marketing professionals, graphic and web designers, and programming engineers all share the common vision to “create simple solutions for better business”.

Web Design Solutions

Can you use phrases like clear, concise, informational, engaging and professional to describe your website?

If you have to answer “NO” to the question above, your website is “NOT” helping your business. Your website is your 24/7-365 day a year internet marketing tool. We adhere to the following web design philosophies:


  • The visual appearance and functionality of the website should suit the purpose for which the site is intended.

  • The feel of the website should encompass the house style of the company, and should project the image it wishes to present to the world.

  • Presentation methods should match the nature of the information on the site.

  • The graphics should load quickly so they don’t cause the user to get frustrated or give up.

Our highly qualified web design and web development specialists have the web design and graphic skills to ensure your website exceeds not only your expectations, but the expectations of your target audience.